ShareVault Webinar – “Microbiome: Hope or Hype”

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Moderator: Ravi Kiron, Managing Partner, BioPharm Strategy Advisors
Panelists: Colleen Cutliffe, CEO, Whole Biome; Mohan Iyer, CBO, Second Genome and Mark Wilson, CEO, MartiSys Bioscience

This ShareVault-sponsored web panel discussion with leaders in the microbiome research and development space will look at whether future advances in deciphering this paradigm can provide hope and revolutionize the healthcare industry and help innovate new ways to control disease and human growth, or whether the hype will unlock a Pandora’s Box of issues, which we understand very little about now.

The panelists will uncover some of these truths and discuss where this new field of R&D is headed.  Here are some of the topics and questions the panel will address:

  • Is the real way to a person’s heart through their stomach? Maybe the ancients knew!
  • Financial approach and ROI for early and late stage investments into this arena
  • Timelines for impact in terms of developing therapeutics and diagnostics
  • Advances in the sciences needed to “really” understand what’s going on
  • Where is this field headed in terms of pharma and healthcare involvement?
  • Opportunities and challenges of delving into the human microbiome
  • What partnerships are critically needed between academia, companies, financial institutions and the government?
  • Predictions on translation of early successes to therapeutic areas
  • FDA and the microbiome – friend or foe?


March 29, 2017
11:00 am - 12:15 pm
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