OHSU Innovates Seminar Series: “Securing Non-Dilutive Funding for Innovative Businesses”

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OHSU Innovates Seminar Series: “Securing Non-Dilutive Funding for Innovative Businesses”
By Nyah Zarate, PhD ChEng

Dr. Nyah Zarate, PhD, serves as the principal investigator and founder of Continuous Solutions Inc, established in 2014 in Portland, OR. With over 15 years of experience in engineering research and development, Dr. Zarate has adeptly cultivated a research team and laboratory, resulting in patented innovations, trade secrets, and prototyped solutions across a spectrum of power and energy applications. In this first talk of our quarterly seminar series, Dr. Zarate will discuss the means in which funding for businesses can be secured via grants, federal contracts, and other creative methods as a researcher and engineer.

OHSU Innovates Seminars go beyond traditional innovation discussions, exploring how diversity in thought, background, and experience leads to more robust and creative solutions. Join us as we delve into inspiring stories, share valuable insights, and engage in thought-provoking conversations that not only drive innovation but also ensure that the benefits are accessible to all.