New member HealthSaas engineers AI and rolls out COVID-19 AI check-up tool

Oregon Bio welcomes new member HealthSaaS, the local powerhouse steering cognitive population health management through an ‘Internet of Things’ approach. And, it’s empowering a new standard of interactive and predictive healthcare through a new offering called CarePath AI.

And now, HealthSaas has teamed up with AkēLex and Hewlett Packard to employ those same tools to safely detect and track infectious conditions such as COVID-19. As a public service, HealthSaaS has developed a free, AI-powered screening tool, “COVID-19 Checkup” which has garnered more than 600,000 assessments to date.

CarePath AI a remote patient monitoring platform, interacts with each patient as the first and second tier of automated telehealth, providing real-time clinical information and care-decision support without the patient leaving home.

CarePathAI interacts and analyzes patients’ profiles (i.e. age, weight, diagnosis, medications, gender, ethnicity, etc.) and biometric RPM sensor data (i.e. heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, etc.), as well as conversational interaction through its Dynamic Journal application, enabling patients to report new symptoms, as well as answer AI-generated questions to narrow down the patient’s most probable diagnosis and health trajectory. 

The AI and remote patient monitoring improves health diagnostics and outcomes, saving time and costs. For example, heart failure patients using the HealthSaaS system during a Washington State University study had reduced hospital admission rates of 54 percent, and reduced days in the hospital of 57 percent.

The RPM market size is large and growing. Health care expenditures are growing faster than the world economy, and chronic disease care accounts for 90 percent of the U.S.’s $3.5 trillion in

Frank Ille, CEO
Frank Ille, CEO

health care expenditures. HealthSaaS CarePath AI and EDGE RPM technology offers a higher standard of care that is well positioned, helping to decrease costs while enhancing the quality of care.

HealthSaaS is excited to be going to market with its world-class enterprise channel partner, Hewlett Packard. HP delivers value through their sales/marketing/distribution channels, device kitting, order fulfillment, and deal financing for our customers. HealthSaaS has already rolled out two projects with major primary care facilities in partnership with HP, and plan on rolling out several more over the remainder of this year.

HealthSaaS is also a founding member of Beaverton’s newest biotech accelerator called the Health Technology Collaborative (HTC), a non-profit that clusters younger-stage health technology-focused companies.


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