To The Future and Beyond: How the Latest Technology and Research Can Shape the Future of Health Care

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How does big data play a role to improve the products of tomorrow? What rewards and challenges come along with merging healthcare, design and infrastructure? These questions were recently discussed in the “To the Future and Beyond – The Opportunities, Challenges and Rewards that Lie Ahead” panel at Oregon Bioscience Association’s 2016 Annual Conference.

Brodie Dychinco, General Manager of Convenient Care Delivery, Cambia Health Solutions
At Oregon Bio 2016, Brodie discussed health care of the future. How can health care be more personalized and convenient to consumers? He shared how virtual telehealth visits are a step in the right direction, allowing people to have a doctor’s visit without leaving the comfort of their home or office.

“An important aspect of health care is convenience – what is convenient to you may not be convenient to your neighbor, so we’re trying to gather together an experience that makes sense for every person.”

“Innovation is only really valuable when it’s used, so for it to be used you need to solve problems that humans actually care about in ways that humans actually like and appreciate.”

“People are demanding personalization. The great thing about technology is that it enables personalization to happen at a much lower cost.”

Charles Austen Angell, President and CEO, Modern Edge
As a strategic designer, Charles shared his philosophy on the importance of design within innovation, and what innovation would look like if it lacked an understanding of the human experience.

“Imagine a world with no design. Don’t take away people, but take away emotion, choice, discretion, empathy, passion, heart, connection from the equation – what are we left with in terms of problem solving? We’re not left with much.”

“The manner in which we value and evaluate innovation has to be more holistic. Currently we have measures of economics, fiscal return, ROI – but what we don’t do as a general population is measure the positive dynamic we put in place.”

“It’s not just about what is possible in the sciences and technology, but we should be prefacing it with what is desirable from a global community sense.”

Gary Nagamori, Life Sciences Futurist and Strategic Advisor, Zoetic Data Inc.
During the panel, Gary recounted first-hand experience of the economic impact of disruption. He highlighted the impact innovation has on the U.S. economy, and discussed the growth of scientific big data, noting what pros and cons are associated with having access to such large amounts of information.

“The future is indeed coming quicker and quicker.”

“We are now put in a position where we must innovate. If we do not innovate, our standard and quality of living will go down from an economist point of view.”

“Big Data is becoming a roadblock at a tremendous rate – we don’t have a way to process and analyze it quickly. So the problem is: how can we get data to work with everybody?”

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