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BioCatalyst Advanced Manufacturing

The Oregon Bioscience Association has created a unique program to help develop high-skilled workers for the state's advanced manufacturing industry. It was designed in cooperation with some of the fastest growing high-tech employers in Oregon.

This program is currently recruiting for the third cohort of students to receive its Advanced Manufacturing professional development certificate (as well as Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification). The next certificate cohort is scheduled to begin May 17, 2016.

There are a small number of openings in each cohort, so the program will be very selective. You must be an unemployed or underemployed resident of Oregon or Washington, and be available on each of the specificied days for full-time immersion training.

Participants in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training program need to have good communication skills, and a working knowledge of high school algebra. You don't need a college degree, but experience with computers and Microsoft Excel is required. Prior team leadership or team member experience and familiarity with statistical methods would be beneficial but is not essential.

The program will conclude with an opportunity for company hiring personnel to get to know the successful participants. Alumni will remain connected through regular networking events.

IMPORTANT: This training is provided in coordination with If you would like to apply, you need to apply separately to the WorkSource's "ReBoot" program at this website: When you get there, click on the “Apply Now” page, and answer the brief eligibility quiz. If you meet basic eligibility, you will be able to download the ReBoot NW application.

After you complete that application, email it to the ReBoot NW Coach at your preferred WorkSource Center. Please mark the message as important and include the following subject line: "ReBoot NW Application - OBA Green Belt Training." 

Click here for details.

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News Flash

  • OHSU to participate in massive autism study

    Oregon Health & Science University will take part in the largest autism research initiative ever conducted in the United States.

    The Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative aims to create a national online autism registry by collecting medical and genetic data on 50,000 autistic people.

    The goal is to accelerate research by creating the largest pool of genetic data and potential research subjects ever assembled for autism research, said Dr. Eric Fombonne, a professor of psychiatry with the OHSU School of Medicine.

    OHSU is one of only 21 clinical sites in the country chosen to participate in the project, Fombonne said.

    The OHSU group is tasked with recruiting 3,000 families over the next three years from across the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, Fombonne said.

    People participating in the study will be asked to provide a detailed medical history. The Simons Foundation will send saliva kits, so the autistic person and their biological mother and father can undergo a full genome sequencing.

    Once the full registry is completed, researchers can delve into the medical information and genetic data, both to perform new analysis and to gather subjects for future clinical trials, Fombonne said.

    “There will be a multiplicity of research projects, and families can opt in or opt out depending on each study,” he said. “The participants, I hope, will become part of a culture of research.”

    Autism has proven difficult to research because patients tend to be very different from one another, Fombonne said. Only by gathering a large number of autistic people together can researchers begin to look for genetic and medical similarities that can be studied.

    The effort at OHSU will be led by Fombonne and Brian O’Roak, an assistant professor of molecular and medical genetics.

    Fombonne, an internationally known researcher in the epidemiology of autism, developed clinical and research programs in France, the United Kingdom and Canada before coming to OHSU. He has published more than 300 articles in peer-reviewed journals and is on the editorial board of several journals in the field of autism and child psychiatry.

    O’Roak has participated in groundbreaking research into the genetic basis of neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders. O’Roak and his colleagues researchers pioneered a family-based, genome-sequencing model that has begun unraveling the genetic mystery of autism.

    The researchers have set up a site to help possible participants learn more about or sign up for the study.


    Dennis Thompson
    Contributing Reporter
    Portland Business Journal
    Apr. 25, 2016

Bioscience News

  • Writing yesterday in The Hill, Immune Deficiency Foundation President Marcia Boyle explains the potential harm posed to patients by the recently proposed Medicare Part B demonstration: While CMS’ intent is to save money, the results of this demonstration stand to severely impact patients who rely on Medicare. The reduction in reimbursement will force many providers to stop offering the most clinically effective treatments, leaving patients with two options: forego prescribed therapies or travel to more expensive Read More >

  • Each year, as part of the University of Chicago’s strategy for successfully bringing innovation to the marketplace, several members from UChicagoTech, the University’s Center for Technology Development and Ventures, head to the BIO International Convention to meet with industry representatives. “Partnering meetings made possible by BIO’s One-on-One Partnering™ system give us a chance to make connections, promote institutional capabilities, and pitch many opportunities at once,” said Thelma Tennant, Assistant Director at UChicagoTech. Tennant and several other UChicagoTech staff members spent much of Read More >

  • Trade representatives from the U.S. and European Union (EU) are meeting in New York this week to discuss and debate next steps for the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Agriculture is one of the many topics being conferred on during these talks and has become a top priority for negotiators. On Monday, April 25, Politico reported that in advance of this meeting, 26 senators sent a bipartisan letter to United States Trade Representative Michael Read More >

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